New RezTrim Light news image

Reztrim is an engineered aluminium extrusion, which encompasses our R12 anti-slip resin.  The extrusion has a recess that houses an electro-luminescent technology which allows the trim edge to evenly illuminate blue when powered.

The product has unmatched durability.  It is heavy load capable as well as vibration and impact resistant.   It is designed to withstand high physical impact and still illuminate whilst also providing you with an anti-slip / hard wearing / hazard signage tread.   It is also very energy efficient, using 40% less energy to illuminate than traditional led systems with equal brightness (and no glare as per traditional LED systems).    Unlike other systems, the electroluminescent strip does not give off any heat during operation and has a working life span over 40,000 hours.   The system can also easily be maintained whilst in-situ if required.

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