Opportunity to Tender

Date Published: January 10, 2021

Request for Quotation for:
Cloud Based Installation Project & Service Management Software System.

You are invited to submit a quotation for the development and supply of a cloud based systems development for TASS Anti Slip Ltd

Please see the description below for an overview of the core system requirements.

  1. Background

TASS Anti-Slip offer a complete design, manufacture, supply, and where required, installation service of our unique “first to market” patented anti-slip treatments which include:

  • TassGrip™ Anti-Slip Resin
  • Home-Grip Sanitary Resin
  • TassTrim Step Nosings
  • Bumpeez™ Tactiles
  • Bumpetz Corduroy Trims

The company has worked on major construction projects throughout the UK and abroad. The business is now in the process of developing its systems infrastructure to take on large scale supply and installation of its unique products as well as a new service and maintenance based services. The company is now looking for a cloud systems software development company to provide consultancy and development services to develop a bespoke cloud based system to meet current and new project opportunities.

  1. Key Requirements

A cloud based software system is required that contains all the necessary services and facilities to provide for:

      1. Client / Site / Contacts management
      1. Personnel management
      1. Buildings asset survey – breakdown and population of all monitored sectors
      1. Service / Repair / Installation programming
      1. Maintenance Scheduling & Monitoring to include electronic Drag and Drop T Card Service Scheduling for regular maintenance / monitoring
      1. Asset Management – install and service history
      1. Communications – automated messaging
      1. Facility for project and site engineer documentation access
      1. Facility for engineer documentation and certification control and monitoring
      1. Facility for quote and confirmed job contract management
      1. Dashboards for service / install admin, work monitoring and management
      1. Dashboards for service schedule of works management
      1. Dashboards for accounts invoice management and integration
      2. Flexible reporting

The above list is given as a bullet point featured requirement, more details will be made available to successful tender enquiries.

Preferred software host and infrastructure.

Note: Final system must be hosted on Owton Projects web servers

Hosted: Linux with C Panel
Language preferred: PHP
Database: MySQL

Please note; realistic cloud based alternatives to the above will be considered.

Working with TASS Anti Slip Ltd

To deliver this service, you will be expected to work closely with the TASS team, complementing its existing ways of working.

  1. Next Steps

We are now inviting organisations and consultants to submit a proposal for this work.

Your proposal should include:

  • A brief description of your organisation/area of work;
  • A description of how you will approach the requirements for this work;
  • A short description of the expertise that would be applied to this work
  • Examples of any previous work which is relevant (maximum 2 examples);
  • A quote for this work including VAT and expenses.

Work carried out during tender response development is at the discretion of the individual organisation and no reimbursement is available for said work.

Quotations shall remain valid for a period of 90 days.

TASS Anti Slip Ltd does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any quotation and reserves the right to accept a portion of any quotation unless the supplier expressly stipulates otherwise in their quotation.


  1. Selection & Indicative Milestone Process

The following table represents the project timeline:

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals                                         –        5pm, 01st Feb 2021

Review proposals and seek any required clarifications           –         5pm, 02nd Feb 2021

Presentation by shortlisted organisations if required              –         5pm, 03rd  Feb 2021

Presentation awarded                                                             –         5pm, 04th Feb 2021


  1. Additional Information and Tender / Bid Application Details

The following scoring criteria will be used to evaluate bids::

Understanding of project requirements – Weighting 40%

Relevant experience of staff to be involved in the project – Weighting 10%

Understanding of the business culture and working environment –    Weighting 10%

Value for money      – Weighting 40%

The value of this contract will be in the region of £80 – 90,000 (plus VAT) for provision up to 31st May 2021.

Electronic version of the proposal must be emailed to Ken Quinn at  ken.quinn@tassantislip.co.uk no later than 5pm, 01st Feb 2021

Any queries on the tender should be directed to Ken Quinn  at ken.quinn@tassantislip.co.uk

Should you require further information please email Ken Quinn  at ken.quinn@tassantislip.co.uk